How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel Instantly

March 27, 2020

It might come as a surprise to listen to that YouTube is one in every of the world’s hottest search engines today. YouTube is definitely the primary place someone turns to for entertainment, education, tutorials, and tips. this is often why it’s so important to not only have your brand on YouTube but also to own an optimized channel. Improve your YouTube channel instantly by customizing it with the guidelines below.

1. Choose a custom profile picture.
Use your business logo, or a photograph of your face if you’re a personal, as your profile picture
YouTube’s recommended size of 800 × 800 pixels so it’s optimized for the reduced 28×28 pixel display
Avoid text within the image since it’ll be too small to read

2. Add a channel description.
To add a channel description, visit the “About” tab on your channel’s page and hover over the outline box to click the pencil icon to edit
Write the foremost important information about your brand first; the description’s first few sentences are what appears most often across YouTube
Keep your description short and persuasive
Use relevant keywords in your description
Include any video schedule you’ll have (ex. “New videos every Monday!”)

3. Upload channel art.
Upload a 2560 × 1449 pixels image as your header image
Remember that different devices will display this header differently, so go for something simple or a patterned image to avoid parts of your picture being bring to a halt
YouTube tells us that the center 1546 × 423 pixel area is text and logo safe

4. Add channel art links.
In the bottom right-hand corner of your channel art, you’ll add up to five links to external URLs, like your website, blog, and other social media channels
Add links by hovering over the highest right-hand corner of your channel art and clicking the pencil icon to edit
YouTube will automatically add an icon for these links rather than using text URLs
The first link are going to be a text URL link–add your business link here with a variation of “Visit our website!” within the text field

5. Select a channel trailer.
A channel trailer are a few things that auto-plays when someone visits your channel
Pick a brief, fun video which will tell visitors what your channel is about
Think of a channel trailer as your elevator pitch and your chance to achieve or lose a subscriber
To add a channel trailer visit “Customize Channel” on your YouTube page and click on the “For New Visitors tab”

6. Create playlists.
Playlists facilitate your control what order your videos are viewed in
Use playlists to sort videos into topics, put series of tutorials together, or to interrupt up longer videos into shorter time frames
Creating playlists encourages viewers to binge-watch your content
In your YouTube analytics (click on your logo within the top right-hand corner, click “Creator Studio” then “Analytics” on the left-hand side of the following page) know which videos are performing the simplest and include these in your playlists for brand spanking new viewers

7. Add featured channels.
Here you’ll add your friend’s and partner’s channels, furthermore as channels that are almost like your page or that you simply enjoy watching
By including featured channels, you’re creating a connection for YouTube’s algorithm, furthermore as for viewers who try your page

8. Add keywords.
Research relevant, popular, and trendings keywords in your industry
Add keywords naturally wherever you can: video titles, descriptions, tags, etc.

9. Increase your page’s ranking.
Link back to your YouTube channel where possible to assist it rank higher on search engines
Use social media to drive views
Comment on other videos and purchase other channels; these are good ways to bring more views to your own page
We hope this helps you optimize your YouTube channel! like everything, consistency is essential if you wish your YouTube channel to succeed.

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